Carousel - movement in the circle of life

From day to night, from winter to summer, from working to sleeping – we move in the circle of life.  Twenty four hours a day, seven hours a week, 50 weeks a year.

But are our turns on the carousel the same?

 It seems to me that each cycle becomes unique only when we turn our attention away from  the painted wooden horse that swings in front, and look around. Our eyes slide to the side, and we see the trees and flowers floating by, a kissing young couple, a mother lulling a crying child, a gray-haired old man on a bench, a kiosk with ice-cream and a group of teenage girls in front of it.

Next cycle… The child is already smiling in the mother's arms. The old man has opened the newspaper. The girls run along the alley, laughing loudly. The couple continues to kiss... carousel moves.

Look around, - and you’ll find yourself running after a flock of girls, you’re smiling to the child, you’re talking with the old man... You are in and outside of a carousel at the same time.

Each of us can be thrown out of the measured cycle of life. It might be a frustrating delay of the bus on the way to work, a lost purse or a really big and serious tragedy. At such moments, the sensation of reality and time changes, the rotation of the carousel of life accelerates, centrifugal force throws us out, and we find ourselves outside. We stand, we are motionless, we gaze at happy people passing by on painted horses. After such shocks, we may revise our view on some things, rethink the values. And at some point, unexpectedly for us again feel ourselves swirling on a new carousel. Other landscapes pass by, other scenes from other lives, with other actors are played out.

If our life is a carousel, then we can decide to move along with it, to stand outside, or even to move to another carousel.

Who is an artist? What distinguishes him from other people? In fact, the artist lives in each of us. The creative personality turns his views on things that other people may not notice, do not think about them. The artists have scattered attention, they catch many things at the same time with their soul receptors.

With my project, I propose to look at the usual things differently. In my works there is no criticism, only reflections during my stay outside the carousel. Each object  tells a story and represents my thoughts.

The carousels are made in different techniques and composed of several parts. The main medium – glass, has been chosen to show the fragility of the imaginary world that people build for themselves

To find ideas, I travel a lot and communicate with people. I ask a lot of questions and always keep my eyes wide open.